What is Mzuzu City Council?

Mzuzu City is a corporate body established under the Local Government Act of 1998 and amended in 2010. The Chief Executive is supported by eight technical departments and heads the administrative part of the Council. The political structure of the Council according to the law is headed by the Mayor and consists of 15 elected members for each of the City?s 15 wards plus the Member of Parliament for Mzuzu City. The political structure is currently dissolved due to absence of elected councilors.

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Malawi is divided into three administrative regions, namely Central, Northern and Southern, which are governed by regional administrators and district commissioners. The regions are further subdivided into 28 district assemblies, three city assemblies, eight town assemblies and one municipal assembly. Assemblies are made up of a political arm, which comprises community representatives that are democratically elected and called Councillors, and a technical arm, made up of the employees that carry out the day-to-day work of the assemblies.
Mzuzu City Council (MCC) representatives participated in the national consultation process, a partnership platform co-developed with Malawi's Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD); the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD); parastatals; and national and international NGOs2. The aim was to develop options for formal inter-agency collaboration in order to create a coordination body integrating a wide range of urban stakeholders in a single response mechanism.

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The Local Government Act no. 42 of 1998, amended in 2010, describes the main functions and services of the Council as followed;

  • Decisions on local issues within the framework of national policies
  • Support of local democratic institutions and participation
  • Promotion of infrastructure and economic development through the formulation, approval and implementation of the City Development Plan
  • Mobilization of resources within the city for governance and development
  • Maintenance of peace and security in the city in conjunction with Malawi Police Service
  • Formulation of by-laws for good governance of the city
  • Appointment and promotion and disciplining of the Council staff
  • Cooperation with other councils in order to learn from their experiences and exchange ideas
  • Registration of births and deaths among other essential local services
  • Provision of education and medical health care
  • Provision and maintenance of water supplies in liaison with the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development
  • Taking fees and charges of decentralized services
  • Promotion of publicity of the Council
  • Preservation of the environment through protection of forests, wetlands, lakeshores and streams

Mzuzu City Council?s Vision is the following: To make Mzuzu a better place to live in.
The Mission statement is the following: To provide social capital for the people of Mzuzu by promoting human development in all spheres of life.
The strategy is described as followed:

  • Facilitating development through democratic principles, accountability, transparency and participation of the people of Mzuzu in decision-making and development processes
  • Creating and nurturing an organization structure, Culture and Climate conducive for efficient and effective management of human and material resources and promoting stakeholder interests in the delivery of municipal Services
  • Providing timely financial information and advice, identifying alternative sources of revenue, monitoring cash inflows and outflows and maximizing revenue collection, accountability and prudence
  • Creating an environment, which is conducive for protection and promotion of public health and social welfare
  • Ensuring equitable access to land, high quality and orderly physical development and efficient estate management
  • Protecting the green environment and other natural resources and promoting agriculture and recreation in the city
  • Ensuring sufficient provision and management of high quality infrastructure services in partnership with other infrastructure service providers

The Council forms the core of Mzuzu City?s local government. It is according to law composed of councilors elected from each of Mzuzu?s Wards.
The number of Wards was reduced from 17 to 15 in 2010 due to changes in the Electoral and the Local Government Act. Two citizen consultative forums on June 5th, 2010, and 17th July, 2010, resolved proposals for the re-demarcation and the naming of Wards. Criteria from Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) to ensure equal representation included population figures as the principle criterion, ease of communication, geographical features and existing administrative boundaries. After consultation with relevant authorities the proposed new Wards were approved by MEC as follows:

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