Sector & Department of Mzuzu City Council Guide

The Local Government Act of 1998 and the Decentralization Policy of 1998 mandates Mzuzu City Council to play a coordinating role in the socioeconomic development of the city. Section 6 of the Local Government Act empowers the city council to make policies and decisions on local governance and development. The administrative structure of the council includes elected councilors and a mayor elected from among the councilors and assisted by Community Development Committees (CDCs) at the local level. The city council has one Member of Parliament who represents it in the national assembly. Policies and decisions of the city council are implemented and enforced by the secretariat made up employed people in various departments shown in below. The staff vacancy rate is about 7 percent, with some departments such as the Department of Trade, Commerce and Private Sector Development being chronically under staffed.

  • Administration and Human Resources
  • Finance
  • Engineering
  • Planning and Estate Services
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Health and Social Welfare
  • Commerce, Trade & Private Sector Development

Local governance and city management.

To create and nurture an organization structure, culture and climate conducive for efficient and effective management of human and material resources and promotion of stakeholder interests in the delivery of municipal services

City financial management and services.

To provide timely financial information and advice, identify alternative sources of revenue, monitor cash inflows and outflows and maximize revenue collection, accountability and prudence.

Infrastructure provision and environmental management services.

To ensure sufficient provision and management of high quality infrastructure services in partnership with other infrastructure services providers.

Engineering Department

Fire Fighting Service

Mzuzu City Council has a Fire Brigade under the Enginering Department. The Brigade lacks all modern equipment that is needed for a growing city like Mzuzu. The objective of the Council is that Brigade sholud be equipped to attend to all forms of emergencies happining in the city and adjacent areas. Other fire fighting services are with the Mzuzu Airport and Moyale Barracks and available in case of emergencies.

Town planning, Development control, Social and economic development planning, Monitoring and evaluation services, and Land administration services.

To ensure equitable access to land, high quality and orderly physical development and efficient estate management.

a construction site

Public and open spaces and general environmental management services.

The Council through its Department of Parks & Recreation has the responsibility of planning, construction and maintenance of urban green spaces, gardens and public parks. One of the functions of the Landscape Section is to beautify streets and other public places with flowers, avenue trees and shrubs. Below are some of the activities which are carried out:

  • Designing and maintaining private premises on a contract basis;
  • Landscaping and up-grading of streets and roadsides by planting avenue trees and shrubs;
  • Landscaping and maintaining of Council premises
  • Parks Office

To create an environment that is conducive for protection and promotion of public health and social welfare.

Hospitals map in Mzuzu city
All hospitals location map in Mzuzu city on Googlemap

Sanitation and Refuse Collection

The city's sewer system is in poor condition, and sanitation and refuse collection services are mainly concentrated in the formal areas. The informal settlements heavily rely on pit latrines and most of the effluents from the latrines end up in streams and rivers leading to high levels of water pollution and soil contamination. Mzuzu City Council lacks machinery and technical capacity to develop a proper sewer system that will service all areas of the city, both formal and informal.

To promote and facilitate quality citywide investment, Council?s own investment, trade and enterprise development. Ensure that trade is done in conformity with city by-laws in line with National and International Trade protocols.
Currently, the Department has not been fully established and operates through personnel from other departments.

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